Evil Angel: Alex Grey Oil Soaked


It’s a well-known fact that blondes have more fun, and it’s clear to see that EvilAngel babe Alex Grey is very much enjoying herself in this new photo set. Everyone who has followed Alex’s career closely knows how much her look has changed, and in these photos, her fresh ink, thigh high leather boots, and fishnets are very different from the cute, innocent blonde who first appeared in the industry a few short years ago.

But I have to say, I loved Alex back then, and I still love her now!

In fact, the only thing better than a horny Alex Grey is a horny oiled-up Alex Grey, and she makes sure that she gets nice and slippery before playing with her anal toy.

The only slight concern is who’s going to clean up the mess when she’s finished.

If you’re anything like me, you may be wondering if there is somewhere you can apply for that job!

Evil Angel: Alex Grey Oil SoakedEvil Angel: Alex Grey Oil Soaked

Angel: Alex Grey Oil Soaked

Angel: Alex Grey Oil Soaked

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