BlueBlood: A Colorful Summoning


Belief is a powerful thing. Belief changes memories into myths, and myths into gods. What if Sekhmet was once only the totem of a warrior tribe, or Freyja just a wise woman in the woods? Given belief, today’s imaginary figures can become, in time, spirits, demons or gods.

So there is nothing strange in my eyes when colorful Dorothy aka UltraHappy traces a pentagram on the ground placing her own favorite action figures around it and getting skyclad for a summoning. Her powerful energy, paired with her beautiful body, will sure be able to use those figures at their best!

Also love the shots from this series which appear in the coffee table art book Ultra Happy Alarm.

BlueBlood writes:

Halloween is all about celebrating the spirits walking among us and Dorothy is sending sweet invitations to some of her favorites to join the party through this adorable summoning ceremony!

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