Kioko_sakura Clamps Down Her Danganronpa Themed Cosplay


One of the most iconic symbols in the Danganronpa franchise is Monokuma – the stuffed robotic bear that is split right down the middle. I’m excited to see Kioko_sakura taking inspiration from the bear by looking very stylish in her cosplay themed hoodie!

Not only has the bear’s black and white look been re-created on that hoodie, but even her hair is split down the middle. It takes me a second to notice that she has gone the extra mile and added a red contact lense to one of her eyes to truly bring out the duality of the character and I’m loving this attention to detail.

Of course Kioko_sakura can get out of her outfit with ease and she proves that by popping out her titties and clamping them down with nipple clamps. Now that is a cute and naughty way to pay tribute to the franchise.




Kioko_sakura writes:

Real Name: Sara Skys
Followers: 3040
Birth Date: Nov. 28, 1997
Age: 23
I am: A Woman
Interested In: Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Location: Japon
Language(s): español & engish
Body Type: skinny
Body Decorations: Tattoos

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