DirtyDreaz: Miss Orz and Valkyriz


Naked bodies and smiling faces brighten my day as I enjoy this DirtyDreaz set. The two friends Miss Orz and Valkyriz seem to be ready for a lustful playtime, and the only thing they are wearing, the only thing they need to wear for the erotic game they are playing, is a strap-on dildo, colorful and eye-catching, which serves as the main tool for their shared pleasure.

This is what I like about this set, because it is about friendship, but it’s also about sharing, and in this case, one dildo for two ladies proves to be more than enough as they amicably take turns controlling the toy, alternating between the role of giver and receiver. At first, Valkyriz controls the toy, and she feeds it to Miss Orz, but later they switch, this time to shift between who gets to stuff the other with that dildo, increasing both the intensity and the creativity with which they use their pleasure tool in their sexual interaction, making it a superb and ever-evolving display of carnal affection.

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