NothingButCurves: Cherry Pie’s Game Of Lust And Desire


Cherry Pie commands our attention in a delicious way on this NothingButCurves set. It all starts when she locks eyes with us, and I must say that her gaze is one that I can get lost in for hours, because it seems to know what we want, nay, need to see to satisfy our desires, and judging by what happens next, she knows exactly how to give it to us too.

It all starts with Cherry Pie modelling her red and white-striped corset, letting us drink in its style and beauty as we admire how deliciously it hugs her figure. Then, once we are drunk on this initial moment of allure, she takes off her bra and proceeds to massage her tits gently with her hands while she carefully discards this now unnecessary piece of clothing.

From here, things become hotter, as her newfound toplessness allows for lots of sexy views of her perfectly shaped tits followed by a show of how bouncy her booty is once her panties also disappear from scene and give way to a scrumptious moment where she looks at us with that enticing gaze of hers, while her tits are on display and she covers her now naked pussy with her hands to increase the feelings of lust and desire in our hearts.

NothingButCurves: Cherry Pie’s Game Of Lust And Desire

NothingButCurves: Cherry Pie’s Game Of Lust And Desire

NothingButCurves Writes:

Cherry Pie has poured herself into a tight little corset but her curves just can’t be contained.

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