DirtyDreaz: Dirty Dreadgirls Set From Past SummerFest


Looks like DirtyDreaz have captured the gorgeous IlluZ and Valkriz getting dirty together right underneath some natural sunlight and I’m excited to take a look at this stunning pictureset.

Yes, the two beauties are sharing a very intimate moment together on these shots. They are getting dirty both figuratively and literally as both of their bodies are covered in some mud, but still let those amazing tattoos shine through. I’m loving the natural setting they are in and how sensual and passionate their kisses look on each new picture as some greenery makes up the background.

IlluZ and Valkriz muddied up and holding each other while sending seductive looks towards the camera is just one of many amazing shots captured by DirtyDreaz and the full set can be enjoyed over at their website.

DirtyDreaz writes:

Dirty Dreaz SummerFest 2020, Illuz and Valkyriz together in front of camera? If you like to see what can happen and how cute and sexy it gets dont hesitate to check this pictureset out!

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