Zishy: Keisha Hot Recipes


I know it may sound strange to many of you, but until now I had no idea what a Cuban Sandwich was, so – what do you know? – a hot site like Zishy may also prove to be educational on top of everything else. Sure thing, when I saw the big boobs, hot ass and sexy lips of Keisha Grey my first thought did not go to Cuban cuisine, and if I wanted to eat something it was more of an ass and less of an eggroll. In fact, I was kind of disappointed this was not some code word for some kinky sex position.

Well, should I ever be filled to the brim with the sight of this glorious lady, I will know what to cook to recover my strengths.

Zishy writes:

Keisha Grey takes me to one of her favorite coffee/cigar shops for some caffeine and a Cuban sandwich.

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