EroticBeauty: Safo A in Presenting Safo A by Stanislav Borovec


Nothing better than some short-shorts that are ready to come off. Now, I’m really loving Safo A‘s look. She looks super comfortable and carefree while still looking stylish as hell with those green braids. Not to mention, the shorts and shirt situation is just really hot to look at.

The EroticBeauty shoot starts with her slowly taking off her clothes until she’s left in just some heels. As the pictures continue, the green-haired babe shows off more of her excellent, flexible moves by posing in some shots and they make her look like a contortionist doing tricks with how much she can bend her body.

Safo A looks amazing and I’m really loving the fun and cool vibe of this EroticBeauty photoshoot. Check their website for more fun stuff.

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