BarelyEvil: Rachel Face Summed Up Into One Word: Awesome.


Tattoos, panties with skulls on them, amazing tattoos, and an overall punk rock attitude. All those things can be summed up into one word. Awesome. The whole setting of this place is punk rock. From the leather Rachel Face is sitting on to the bottle of booze behind her in some of the photos. The tattoos are colorful and it’s just gorgeous, in a bit of a grunge way. I love it. This girl honestly just rocks this set with spiky hair, a collar, and some amazing eyeshadow.

Rachel Face is honestly just a blast to check out and this set does not disappoint. Summed up into one word? Awesome.

Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

More Rachel at Plan B! Yay! Skulls are cool. I’m drinking delicious lemonade (minus the sugar or sugar substitute) right now. And so the weekend begins . . .
–Amelia G


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