ArikaJoy’s A-Moo-Zing Playtime


Well that is one a-moo-zing outfit ArikaJoy has on! I would even dare call it udderly beautiful! Yes, the cutie look like an adorable cow as she gets down to some playful fun.

Those ears, that black and white pattern all over her bikini and even the bell around her neck all come together to form a fantastic look. I love seeing all of this style and cuteness mixing with some naughtiness as she uses her big dildo and a pink Lush to make herself moan.

Even after her playtime, ArikaJoy makes her outfit even more amazing with the help of a chain corset that hangs down from the collar around her neck. Stylish, playful and cute – this beauty has me hooked and ready to see more.

ArikaJoy's A-Moo-Zing Playtime

ArikaJoy's A-Moo-Zing Playtime

ArikaJoy's A-Moo-Zing Playtime

ArikaJoy writes:

Interested in:Everybody
Age:23 years old
Body type:Athletic
Specifics:Big Tits, Big Ass, Shaven
Eye color:Brown

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