BodyInMind: Mellisa DJ


There’s nothing that gets the party started quicker than the arrival of a DJ, but sometimes they just become background noise for me. Mellisa looks so stunning in this DJ themed BodyInMind gallery that I know my eyes would be drawn to her at all times even in a busy nightclub!

Her pink sweater, her blue hair and her headset are all so colorful and stand out so much more thanks to the white background she is posing in front of. I don’t know what music she is listening to, but she looks to be having a lot of fun! I’m having fun watching these images get progressively more naughty as the babe soon ends up in nothing but a pair of pink panties and that headset wrapped around her neck.

Any party with a DJ as gorgeous as Mellisa is one I would love to visit! The rest of these colorful and sexy images are all available over at BodyInMind.

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