EroticBeauty: Olivia I in Bathroom Play by Stanislav Borovec


There’s nothing better than a little sexy bath time. That’s exactly what EroticBeauty have gone for in this photoshoot featuring the fiery Olivia I – who’s ready to have some fun in the tub.

Whoever said red on orange on red doesn’t work, hasn’t seen this redhead work. The shoot starts with her in a hallway, getting her clothes off and preparing herself for a fun time in the tub. As the pictures continue, I see Olivia I all bubbled up in a bath with some toys as she splashes and frolics around with her duckies – and it’s all pretty intimate especially with her cute, innocent look.

Getting wet in more ways than one has never been easier. Olivia I is really stunning and EroticBeauty have done a great job at portraying her beauty!

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