EroticBeauty: Svajone in The Spa by Aleksandr Petek


They say there’s nothing better than a spa day with the girls, but after seeing EroticBeauty‘s photoshoot, I don’t think there’s anything better than a spa day with Svajone. Everyone needs a little down time to chill and this brunette beauty is doing just that as she dips her toe in the bath, ready to get herself wet in more ways than one.

Her face is especially cute, but this photoshoot isn’t all that innocent. In fact, she’s very much naked for most of the shoot. While I do enjoy the black underwear, I do prefer her when she’s just in her birthday suit – as well as the close-up shots of her glistening pussy. Svajone is pretty sensual and sexy in this awesome EroticBeauty set!

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