TheLifeErotic: Lara A & Natasha M My Dominator 1 by Xanthus


Gag balls. Eye masks. Collars. Double-sided dildos. Fishnets. Paddles. Dildos. There’s never enough for the sexy duo of Lara A and Natasha M who have joined up in this TheLifeErotic photoshoot to create an erotic set of pictures that tickle my pickle with every last frame. The two are busy strapping on dildos, spanking each other and going for the ultimate kiss in shot after shot and with the fishnets on top, it’s a fantasy come true!

The two take turns sucking the dildo and then go for a switcheroo on the double-sided dildo as they please each other in every new shot. Erotic doesn’t even begin to describe the pure sexiness happening in this TheLifeErotic photoshoot. Lara A and Natasha M are just too damn sexy in this set!

TheLifeErotic writes:

Lara treats Natasha to the ultimate domination, as she bends over to plunge the dildo into her pussy.

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