FTVGirls: Tristan Wet Waterfall Scene


Tristan is having some fun in the sun on this FTVGirls set, and she is looking angelic and super sensual while doing so, since the warmth of the day inspires her to wear a skimpy black bikini top with blue bottoms, and these items of clothing give us the perfect opportunity to survey her beautiful figure while she is hanging out poolside with a smile on her face that shows us her cute braces, which add a touch of loveliness to the scene whenever she is beaming.

As she enjoys the sunlight, Tristan begins teasing us by pulling down on her bra to reveal her tits, an action that lets us take in the beauty of her soft and puffy nipples, which she displays with a smile, fully knowledgeable of the erotic effect that showing her breasts can cause on our eager eyes, and as we watch this magnificent display, she then moves things to the shade, so she can have a bit more fun while also letting us peek at her pussy before she plays with a water gun, which comes like a hint of things to come, since she later plays with her pussy, spreading her delicate lips with her fingers to show us how pink and sweet and arousing her kitty is, and once she is all wet and ready, she brings in a toy to play with, which she gently slides inside her pussy with a smile on her face.

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