Kawaii Briebelle Hydrating for Squirting Show


Briebelle says she is like the valet to her pussy, guiding to cum town. I’m going to make this post quick because she is just about to do a group Gold show and it is not too late to join in! This kawaii raver cutie is talking about how she lost her virginity to a guy ten years older than she is, but that he never had a chance because she 100% “sought him out.” If you’ve seen her cosplay before, the big sex blond hair tonight is her actual real hair. If reality exists. She is drinking water from this huge blue jug and people in her room keep triggering her Lovense vibe, which is already in her pussy, so she is having trouble swallowing the water without spilling it. Hard to concentrate. She says she needs to hydrate now in case she squirts like crazy during her show, which she sees as a likely outcome of the deliciously naughty things she has planned.

im the petite, kawaii, do-everything girl youve been searching for… you want it, I’ll do it! But i have to warn you… you WILL be DROWNED in squirt!
Turn Ons
Spanking, biting, dressing up, being watched, being a slut, being tied up…is everything an option?
I’m an expert squirter, duh. Expert at role playing, sucking, fucking, and being a princess, of course!

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