CrazyBabe: Maya Sintress Blues


If you are familiar with Bob Coulter’s work, you know that many of his photo shoots feature run down motels and discordant chromatic choices which convey most of the characteristic flair of his CrazyBabe website.

This set, featuring Maya Sinstress, deviates slightly from this trend. While extreme perspectives are still prominent, the tones range from a warm yellow to the full gamut of blues, giving a deeper, homogeneous feel. The setting in itself is now a classier hotel room – hardly a penthouse but neither an old room along a dusty highway. Combined with Maya’s great body and presence, with burlesque style attire and domina attitudes, this yields a feel different from Bob’s usual decadence: it’s a new kind of decadence, one that stems from middle-class vices and escapees. Another great set for a great site.

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