GothicSluts: Miss Seamonster is a Trapeze Artist


Sometimes there is just nothing better than seeing a gorgeous young girl dangling in the air, and in this Blue Blood‘s GothicSluts shoot, Miss Seamonster does this beautifully as she defies gravity on the trapeze.

I really enjoyed watching her grip the bar with her legs and hold on tightly with her hands as she found her balance and began to swing and play mid-air. Her tight and tattooed body, pale skin, and dark hair look delicious against the sky-bue background of the set, and I think she is the most sexy when her feet are no longer touching the floor.

The trapeze was perfect for her because it allowed her to explore all kinds of enticing new positions as she hung, all the while looking relaxed, playful and aroused.

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Today just feels like a trapeze sort of day. Miss Seamonster was game to get up on the flying trapeze, so Forrest Black and I shot her doing it.
–Amelia G

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