TheLifeErotic: Polina A Toy In My Tub 1 by Xanthus


Lights, camera, bath time!

TheLifeErotic are capturing Polina A in a sexy performance of wetness that showcases this petite babe while she’s enjoying a relaxing (yet fairly kinky) bath. The set of pictures starts off with her completely naked as she uses the shower head to trace her body in the pale light, creating a gorgeous hue in every photo.

Some use duckies to play with in the bath, but this brunette has a completely different toy in mind – a dildo that she inserts into herself for that extra bit of wetness. She also sticks it right on the bath to put her lips to good use and finish off with a little oral fixation. I really love this set of sexy TheLifeErotic pictures featuring Polina A!

TheLifeErotic writes:

Polina A sprawled back, legs bent and splayed, as she pounds herself deep and hard, as the balls touch up against her ass cheeks.

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