A Spankin’ Good Time With SaliceSawyer


Looks like the festive spirit has gotten to SaliceSawyer as she arrives online sporting some adorable Halloween themed clothes!

I love the red blush decorating her cheeks and the hearts drawn on top, it’s an adorable look that fits the cutie perfectly as she cracks some jokes and talks about her day. A tip comes in for spanks and the beauty finds the perfect spot on top of her bed to give her booty a few smacks with her hand. I don’t know if I’m more amazed by her perky booty or her gorgeous orange and white socks, but the whole combination adds up to a fun time!

SaliceSawyer has some playful conversations with her viewers while flashing her gorgeous smile at the camera and I’m loving how innocent and cute she looks while her countdown gets closer to a wand/dildo show!

A Spankin' Good Time With SaliceSawyer

A Spankin' Good Time With SaliceSawyer

SaliceSawyer writes:

I’m Salice Sawyer. A solo cam artist, very DIY. Manic Panic hair dye and anarchy. I make sad girl porn and talk to insects. Vegan Virgo.

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