LilRavenFoxx Is Deadpool…Among Us


You’re probably thinking, “This girl is looking bomb as hell in a full, decked out Deadpool costume.” Well, she may be super, but she is no hero. And yeah, technically this is a cosplay. There have been legendary cosplays but this one should go done in history because the best cosplays out there start with a jumpsuit.

LilRavenFoxx never fails to bring the fun and sexiness during her shows, her beauty and personality are off the charts and you can always just tell how much fun she is having. The sound of laughter and screams go hand-in-hand in LilRavenFoxx’s room today. The fiery redhead has grabbed her controller to play a few rounds of Among Us.

The game has been a hit for the last few weeks, and who else, but LilRavenFoxx would let me see her play?

LilRavenFoxx Is Deadpool...Among Us

BabeAriel writes:

☆NSFW☆ Raven☆22☆ Silly Cam/Clip Model♡ Cum for the Hair, Stay for the lilGang ☆ #MyFreeCams Live: lilRavenFoxx ♡

LilRavenFoxx Is Deadpool...Among Us

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