Sex Toys Unboxing: Phoenixflame Creations Hati and Jehiel


On Phoenixflame’s Etsy store there are plenty of models to choose from. >Phoenixflame Creation’s bag of dicklets are a fantastic collectible. You can also choose firmness sample packs, desk guardians, gargoyles, and kegel eggs.

Their knotted wolf/canine toy Hati is the first model I unboxed. I chose medium size and medium firmness. The sculpt is complete with rich details. It has a sleek texture to one side and a more intense texture on the underside. The head is slightly pointed and is squishy. The top tapers down to a decent sized knot with a small resting space before the base.

Now let’s talk about Jehiel. It too is size medium and medium firmness. This model has a gorgeous layered look with translucent colors mixed with a beautiful shimmery gold and shiny mica pigments. Jehiel design is enhanced with details and ridges. It’s both feminine and phallic. This design has a slight curve from the head going down the shaft. The shaft tapers then thickens while you reach the base.

These are amazing body safe fantasy sex toys and you can find out more here – @FritzPhoenix and here

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