GothicSluts: Mallory Maneater’s lustfull glass DP


There’s something about goth babes and corsets that’s just fucking hot! Especially when the model is a hot babe like Mallory Maneater and the pics are taken by GothicSluts‘s very talented Amelia G and Forrest Black. Every single shot is perfection, and this hot vixen looks so fierce and smoking hot!

She also has two glass dildos she plays with on her throne-like chair, and she gives them a good lick then she shoves them up her pussy and tight ass, and you won’t have enough of it, she’s pure perfection. I love how sometimes she flirts with the camera, and sometimes she is so focused on her DP, you’d think she can’t even tell someone else is there, pure fucking passion and hotness!

GothicSluts writes:

Here is another hot series Amelia G and I show with Mallory Maneater. I had these beautiful glass toys custom made and they look so sexy as she demonstrates her double penetration skills. We really love working with people who embrace their sexuality and really go for it, so Mallory is always a pleasure to work with.

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