SweetFemdom: Wanna bet with Lily Lane?


Bets have their intrinsic domination potential: at the end of the bet one of the parties will be held against the winner to uphold their side of the bargain, with no external binding whatsoever, except that of their honor.

So, when a sexy lady like Lily Lane bets you that she will make you beg for a pink dildo, you should be very afraid. Because if she wins the bet you are going to face a hard moral dilemma and a harder dildo. Draven Navarro discovers this at his expenses, as he is tortured and edged until being on the receiving end of a dildo seems like the lesser evil! Sweetfemdom at its finest, with the subtler, and most erotic of constraints: one’s own mind.

SweetFemdom writes:

Lily Lane is looking hot AF in her black leggings and tank top. She teases Draven Navarro, who is naked in bed, hoping to fuck her. She sucks his cock and gets him uncontrollably horny, then tells him that she bets he will beg her to shove her pink dildo up his ass. He protests, and tells her he just wants her pussy.

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