EroticFandom: Ultra Happy is an adorable space princess


Erotic Fandom has done yet another surreal, colorful photoset, with the lovely Ultra Happy and I’m thinking no name could be more fitting for this amazing beautiful girl, she’s like a unicorn, or a rainbow, always giving heart warming smiles and good vibes.

If I understood right this photoshoot has been done to celebrate the Kickstarter project she’s just had come out, it is a colorful book, just as bright and cute as Ultra Happy is, and I took a look, and I decided I need that spark of color a joy, but meanwhile I am delighted by this amazing shots, and even thou I love the outfit I am also fascinated with those gorgeous, hot as hell nudes and sexy poses.

Make sure you check the photoshoot and the Kickstarted book featured in the post, they’re lovely!

EroticFandom writes:

Here is a colorful fun Ultra Happy Alarm update in celebration of the fancy Kickstarter t-shirts (and sticker packs) going out to supporters! I love this outfit so much. I really want to watch this as anime adventure.

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