BurningAngel: Evil Tikibabes ep 3


The hotties over at BurningAngel always come up with all kinds of series, and I am really enjoying it and trying to keep up with the latest episodes, so I thought of sharing the latest I’ve seen today. They have a series called ” Evil Tiki Babes” and it is very intriguing, and kinda funny, for me at least, it’s a cannibal story and it all happens in a bar, I’ll let you read up on it, but let me get down to the hot stuff.

So, Aaron and Emma are fucking in the bar, she really enjoys getting her pussy eaten up, and returns the favour with a glorious blowjob, then she gets fucked from behind, bent down and drilled. A 69 is a must, and of course, the ending has to be a cum shot, a literal cum shot because, why not? You have to do shots at the bar, right?

BurningAngel writes:

Evil tiki babe Joanna Angel is having her way with Aaron (Small Hands) when Emma Hix busts in, revealing that she’s actually an undercover agent there to take Joanna down. Joanna thought she had dealt with Emma…PERMANENTLY, so this is definitely a nasty surprise.

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