GothicSluts: Vampire babe Twiggy’s naked sunbath


Twiggy is one of the models for the new LashyDoodle project by Amelia G and Forrest Black, an exciting new magnetic lash brand you should check up, by the way. So, they also took a few sexy pics of this beautiful vampire babe, bathing nude in the sunlight, looking like a porcelain doll.

First of all, can we talk about that face? that perfect flawless doll face? I love every feature of hers and just..I mean, look at how damn pretty she is.

Things get way hotter when she bends over to show off her booty and spread those long legs, getting up close and personal with the camera, then she lays over the couch raising those legs high up and glowing in the sun like absolute perfection. I’m telling you, you have to check up this whole photo set, everything is so fucking surreally beautiful!

GothicSluts writes:

Amelia G and I really enjoyed shooting some sexy stuff with Twiggy between doing LashyDoodle magnetic lashes portraits with her. All in the name of field testing! For this series, I really like how the sun peeks in through the big cityscape window onto her beautiful pale skin, although we did have to be careful not to set her on fire. Vampire-girl problems, I know, but worth it. Right now we’re working hard on completing production after we successfully completed the Kickstarter and I want to thank Twiggy and everyone involved for looking so amazing and being so supportive. I hope you enjoy this series and check out how hot those lashes are 🙂
Forrest Black~

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