BlueBlood: Daizy Cooper Feels The Vibrations


It looks like BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black are back in action and looking to give everyone their greens in the form of Daizy Cooper. The hot babe is gorgeous beyond belief, especially with the sultry gazes she gives in each picture and while rocking lip gloss that makes her juicy lips pop even more. With every new shot we are awarded with a little bit more of her – her funny, adorable smile followed by her fantastic ass as her panties get lower and finally, her beautiful, naked self.

What’s better than a naked Daizy Cooper? One that is having all kinds of fun with a MyFreeCams green vibrator (and other great MFC swag) she got in an AltPorn Awards swag bag (back when we were all allowed to go to nightclubs and events.) The shots range from between her legs to seeing those gorgeous curves from the back and finally, as she sits on the floor with a piercing look while she feels the vibrations. Daizy Cooper is drop-dead gorgeous and will definitely make you see stars!

BlueBlood writes:

Amelia G and I really love working with Daizy Cooper and since the cover layout in BarelyEvil Magazine put so many people under her spell, I thought it would be fun to share this cute MFC swag bikini and pigtails series we got to shoot together. Look for her live cam shows under the SUNNYSUCCUBI moniker.

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