2020 AltPorn Awards Rescheduled by California Order


Keeping our community safe and healthy in this challenging time is our top priority. In order to manage the COVID-19 health threat, California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced the extension the state-wide mandatory stay-at-home restrictions through at least May 15th, which coincidentally was the date we had originally scheduled for our annual AltPorn Awards event, presented by MyFreeCams. We have backup dates secured with our amazing venue partners, as well as many other preparations well in hand, but this clearly means the 2020 AltPorn Awards are officially postponed until such time as we can safely and responsibly hold our annual celebration. Final event dates will be announced and promoted once we feel confident the all-clear return to work dates give us all a safe healthy margin for personal preparations, travel arrangements etc.

In the meantime, we are still moving forward with our usual digital nominations and voting online, because we want to continue to honor all the amazingly talented creative people who are making alternative adult entertainment the force that it is today. We are excited that pre-nominations have been strong this year and the official finalist nominees will be announced and voting will be opened soon! We are all looking forward to the epic party we will have once all of our favorite performers, cam models, producers, webmasters, toy makers, and amazing community members finally get to come out and see one another in person again!

– Cutter Smith

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