SweetFemdom: Tony’s Dreadful Torture


This movie from SweetFemdom it’s not for the faint of heart. Poor Tony Orlando is resting on his zebra bed when a trio of gorgeous models conveniently assorted for hair color – dark haired Charlotte Sartre, blonde Bunny Colby and redhead Fabiana Fox – enters the room and subjects the poor guy to unbearable torture.

The poor fella is trampled under these beautiful women, made to kiss and lick their feet, sat upon his face by their wonderful asses, got his cock sucked and even – oh my! – given a footjob. I am apalled, and humanely touched by the terrible fate of this poor human, so touched – in fact – that I would gladly sacrifice myself in his stead and be subject to the same treatment so that he can go free. Go, fellow human, I’ll suffer in your place!

I am not very convincing, am I?

SweetFemdom writes:

They smother him their feet, pull out his dick, and have their way with him. Bunny rides his face with her pussy, then Charlotte tells her to ride his cock while her and Fabiana smother his face with their feet. Bunny then sucks on his cock to get it wet and starts to give him a foot job with her nylon covered feet.

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