CosplayErotica: Zoey Enters The Battle Royale As Zoey


Zoey is cosplaying as Zoey from Fortnite in this CosplayErotica shoot and I have to say I love how meta this is. Cosplaying as a character you share a name with is a power move, and this is especially true when you look this damned hot in the costume! Clad in pink and green with green hair, she is ready to take on the world and win this Battle Royale. She is one of those girls who looks like a natural when carrying a big gun, and it is an incredibly sexy look on her too. She starts to reveal what she has underneath the outfit, and that feels like a super effective way of distracting folks so she can get the win and be the last one standing. She has some fantastic tits and seems to really enjoy showing them off, about as much as she enjoys playing with her pussy. If you want to feel like a winner, come and see more shoots like this with Zoey and others on CosplayErotica now!

Cosplay Erotica writes:

Watch one of our sexiest and funniest model Zoey as she is destroying your childhood with this Fortnite rule34 sexy cosplay-porn session!

CosplayErotica: Zoey Enters The Battle Royale As Zoey

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