BlueBlood: Penny Poison Demonstrates How to Play with a Hankey Seahorse


A wise man once said, “darling it’s better down where it’s wetter” and that seems to hold true if you ask Penny Poison. She’s taken a trip to see the various marine life swimming around in the depths of the oceans and has come across the Seahorse. Coming in five sizes and various colors, she’s taking her time exploring a lot of them in this shoot.

The goth babe expertly takes care of them in each photo, looking beautiful as she pleasures herself with one while being hands-on with the other. The blue hair is a perfect compliment to the overall setting and her pale skin contrasts wonderfully to the dark background and her tats. Looking to explore yourself? Penny Poison is hopping on this Seahorse and letting it take her to new depths . Well worth checking out BlueBlood to see her in action!

BlueBlood writes:

We got a chance to shoot some of Mr. Hankey’s amazing award winning toys and I really love how this one coordinates with our friend Penny Poison. It’s called the Seahorse and it comes in five (large) sizes. It’s one of my favorites from them as well, so I’m happy we got to play around with them and stuff. Enjoy!

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