AdultTime: Gina Valentina Goes Into The Bubblegum Dungeon


BubblegumDungeon have decided to give us an inside look into their cave of wonders and kinks – together with the lovely Gina Valentina. The opener was quite the sight to see with the hot babe tied together to a bed with some red rope that they so kindly wrapped around her body as she told everyone how into ropes she has been for a very long time. The kink turned up as she got a friend over to spank her legs, arms and tits before pulling a vibrator to help her in her lusty adventures. After being eaten out and teased for what seemed an eternity, she finally got a taste of Ramon Nomar’s cock and she very enthusiastically took all of him in without batting an eyelash.

Things took quite the kinky turn and she got the pummeling she begged for on all fours, on her side with a literal spark of electricity between their bodies. Check out shot after shot of Gina Valentina going through her first Bubblegum Dungeon experience. They will certainly rope you in.

AdultTime writes:

Bubblegum Dungeon : No Undies Required
Gina Valentina’s dressed to slay, wearing nothing but a one-of-a-kind rope-woven bodysuit. Must be laundry day though, cause Gina forgot to wear underwear. Lucky for Gina, you don’t NEED undies in the Bubblegum Dungeon!

Gina is down AF for all the pleasure and pain that madman Ramon Nomar is there to dish out. He trusses her up between bedposts, tying her by her arms and legs, clipping clothespins to her body.

Gina may be a boss bitch IRL, but in the dungeon, RAMON’S the boss. He proves it, whipping Gina’s tight body as she moans and shakes, her pussy already dripping wet.

Gina SAYS she’s been a good girl, but Ramon’s not buying it. Liars make Ramon REALLY salty, so he punishes Gina, grabbing the clothespins and ripping them off her body. She screams, loving that dose of tasty pain.

Ramon’s just ramping up, and Gina’s not gonna believe what he has in store for her…

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