Penny Poison in LashyDoodle Eyelashes


Amelia G and Forrest Black from BlueBlood are putting out a sexy new line of eyelashes called LashyDoodle. AltPorn Award-winner Penny Poison is one of my favorite performers of all time. I love everything she does: her live circus sideshow performances, her erotic photoshoots for BlueBlood, her incredible dirtytalk cam shows, her hot turn in AltStar magazine, so I’m thrilled to see her and BlueBlood branching out into even more cool areas. I wanted to link Penny Poison’s name to the tag for her, but it looks like we have tagged posts about her variously as penny poison, Penny_Poison, and pennypoison. That’s probably my fault. Anyway, if you wear eyelashes and want some which are easier to put on and better looking, or want to get someone really cool eyelashes, or if you just want to see more photos and video of Penny Poison, I recommend checking out the LashyDoodle Kickstarter.

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