BurningAngel: Lily Lane’s very adult Wednesday Addams


It’s no mystery for every alternative porn lover out there that BurningAngel is in the top best places to get your dark kinks on, and that is because they always know what we like, and they deliver, so to me this Wednesday Addams thing came as no surprise, since it is a beloved character from the alternative entertainment, and we all knew that she’d eventually grow up to be drop-dead gorgeous and hot as hell.

Lily Lane does a terrific job portraying Wednesday, with that goth dark makeup and that look that’s out to kill, or should I say fuck you to death? Well, Alex Legend is certainly up to the task, pounding that pussy into oblivion and finishing up with a cum shot she’s been craving for so long. I spoiled the ending, but be sure to watch it anyway, I promise it’s as hot as hellfire.

BurningAngel writes:

In this newest Very Adult Wednesday Addams fantasy, Lily Lane takes on the role of the macabre mademoiselle. When Alex Legend shows up at Wednesday’s place for their ten-year high school reunion, he’s surprised to see that he’s the only guest. True to form, Wednesday’s cagey about where everyone else is, but it’s obvious that Wednesday has SPECIAL plans for Alex. Seems like Alex had a crush on Wednesday in high school, and Wednesday’s not the kind of girl to leave something like that buried. So when she sits on Alex’s lap and pops her massive tits out of her dress, Alex knows it’s time to take care of their unfinished business and finally step inside the depths of Wednesday’s dark chasm.

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