Sex Toys Unboxing: Kudu Voodoo Laughing Dragon


These one-of-a-kind products are brought to you by a very creative artist. This company specializes in anthropomorphic dildos, I’m talking about Kudu Voodoo! They came out of the dark woods to bring you fantastic sex toys, so put a little voodoo in you!

Products include anthropomorphic dildos, clutch eggs, firmness samples, and shrunken dicks. Customizable options include different colors, firmnesses, sizes, and UV reactant silicone. There’s free shipping on orders over $80 and a mishap section for discounts.

Their first model is back and better than ever. I received Fang The Laughing Dragon in size small (7 inches tall). It’s cast in medium firmness and showcases Kudu’s signature metallic rainbow color scheme. The large base makes it anal safe.

The Laughing Dragon has contrasting textures with a mainly smooth shaft with ridges along the sides. It has a slight curve, rounded head, and tapers for G spot stimulation. This anthropomorphic toy is a marriage of human and dragon features.

Visit the online store to see more. The site features original artwork by Ashes. Some featured models include Leena, Arith, and Malikye. “With hooves and horns she practices her crafts, providing fantastic toys for the hungry and wild.”

Today I’m unboxing the Laughing Dragon dildo from Kudu Voodoo. Put all little voodoo in you ^_^ @Kudu_Voodoo

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