Kota_Morgue Is A Dystopian Darling


Today, the princess of darkness welcomed her friends into her dark little corner of the interwebs for an evening of dystopian delights.

Using several cameras and some rather inventive filters applied, this darling of darkness created a completely unique way of taking in all of the gothy gorgeousness that was playing out before the eyes of all. Adding to the gorgeous grime, a lone screen flashed out each new angle with the feel of art house on acid.

As this lovely lass took to stripping away her harness to reveal the incredible ink that barely hid beneath, the entire dystopian delight came together just as her friends did.

To catch a glimpse of this sexy siren, head on over to Kota_Morgue‘s page now and show her some love.Kota_Morgue Is A Dystopian Darling Kota_Morgue Is A Dystopian Darling Kota_Morgue Is A Dystopian Darling From Kota_Morgue profile:

Sky, 27.chameleon, leather crafter, and cam model since 2010. creep for lifee.

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