Sex Toys Unboxing: Lovense Ambi from Cam Model Toys


In 2010 the world was introduced to it’s first internet controlled sex toy. These interactive Bluetooth models are known as teledildonics. Lovense offers dildos as well as vibrators and these products have been brought to the forefront of the camming community.

The Lovense Ambi bullet vibrator was sent to me by Cam Model Toys. it’s bluetooth accessible to close range and long distances. Just download the app and pair this product to your phone. Someone else can then use the app with the toy to interact with you.

You can make your own patterns, buzz to the beat of a song, or even a recording. There’s three continuous levels and unlimited patterns you can save and use again. Use the app with your partner to let them set the pattern for you. This toy great for solo and couples play.

The water proof silicone covered bullet has a unique shape and handle. The head has a broad point of stimulation and the backside is more pin pointed. It’s also magnetically charged with a USB adapter. It’s non porous, body safe, is nearly silent, and has a one year warranty.

Unboxing the bluetooth controlled rechargeable Ambi bullet vibrator by Lovense from @CamModelToys ♡

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