Sex Toys Unboxings: Batou by Strange Bedfellas


I’ve come across an amazing couple of makers. They’re a wife and husband team and they create and pour gorgeous anthropomorphic dildos. These unique products are brought to you by Strange Bedfellas.

On Strange Bedfellas Etsy store you’ll find customized hand sculpted sex toys. They offer little fellas too. These are tiny version of their dildo models. In addition, they also make and sell silicone eggs. These can be used for either kegel exercises or as a stress ball. There’s vibe sleeves for sale in monster claw, furry claw, and robot claw designs.

I chose their dildo Batou in medium size and medium firmness. It has 5 usable inches. It’s in custom surprised neon and pastel colors. The toy is a swirled mix of blue, purple, and pink with mica pigments. Batou has a horned head, a girthy middle, and stable base. The balls provide a wonderful grip. The texture is mostly sleek with detailed veins along the shaft. It’s pleasing visually and physically.

This box from Strange Bed Fellas has more than just a dildo, find out what’s inside! ♡

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