Happy Birthday, Joanna Angel!

If you are a fan of the altporn genre, you probably know that this day is significant because it is Joanna Angel‘s birthday. These stills are from her feature film As Above So Below, which is currently nominated for multiple awards in both the XBIZ Awards and the AVN Awards. An angel getting her wings feels appropriate for the season.

BurningAngel and Doom’s Whiskey were Gold Sponsors of the AltPorn Awards this year, where Joanna Angel opened the ceremony with a powerful speech about AltPorn and the meaning of alt. Attendees of the AltPorn Awards afterparty were later seen posing with the life-sized stand-up Joanna Angel AltPorn.Net created for her Doom’s Whiskey promo with an image from this sexy shoot. You can see the artwork at the bottom of this page.

Anyway, Joanna Angel has had a banner year in 2018, winning many awards and expanding to perform for multiple studios besides her own and touring in support of the publication of her Nightshift book, as well as keeping up with everything she already does. You can get her a birthday gift and yourself a Christmas present at the same time by joining BurningAngel today. Happy birthday, Joanna Angel, and best wishes for the new year!

Burning Angel writes:

Joanna Angel Went to Heaven: Every time you jizz, an angel gets its wings… Or at least I AM a literal angel, have wings and you can jerk off to me till you explode your heavenly man cream all over!

Joanna Angel Dooms Whiskey

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