BareMaidens: You shall not pass!


OK! OK! You can open your eyes! This does not involve naked old guys with a beard waving a staff around (that’s mostly what happens here when I am drunk)!

Instead of a reference to the famous battle in Moria, this set involves a straightforward encounter with what may look like a bandit(ess). Blonde, green-eyed Anora, holding a bardiche and wearing what can only be described as “armour for the optimist” bars the road, forbidding passage to all, save those willing to contribute to her cause.

We can only wonder what this cause may be, but for the thin model to wear this double handed weapon it must be important indeed, as she already shows signs of past struggles. There’s always charm in a hot girl scantily dressed in leather armor, even more so when she wields a weapon this big! Just go and check it out yourselves, if you don’t believe me, just don’t try to go past the guardian, as she really means it!

Bare Maidens writes:

You shall not pass!

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