EvilAngel: Wet Daddy Issues


I hope one day to understand the intricacies of the male side of the Electra complex. Why so many of us males get aroused by innocent looking girls calling us daddy. In the meantime, I know I need no explanation about what turns me on of Emily Blacc: she has skin like a cloud and eyes like honey, and that kind of look that doesn’t need to utter the words: “want to fuck?”

After five minutes of POV teasing and pleas for teaching her to squirt, you are basically ready to cut any part of your body she’s asking for and send it over via express courier. You are saved by self-mutilation by the change of view, and by the entrance of (director) Toni Ribas giving her what she is so convincingly asking for. Can’t blame him, seriously. She couldn’t take from me any thing that I will more willingly part withal, to borrow the words of that English guy.

And so, under the not so tender care of Toni Ribas’ expertise, we can finally see Emily’s wish come true, exploding in wet fireworks of pussy juice right in our face, a marvelous celebration of daughterly affection, carnal desire and wet debauched lust.

Evil Angel writes:

Cute blonde Emily Blacc has never squirted before, so the pale, all-natural minx asks aggressive Latino ‘daddy’ Toni Ribas to teach her.

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