Burning Angel: Luna Lavey in Skyrim cosplay turns in herbs for punding


Live the fantasy and join Luna Lavey on an adventure as she explores Skyrim in search of rare herbs. Her journey takes her to a herbalist where she’s looking to trade in her findings. While the herbalist, sexy Owen Grey, doesn’t have the funds to pay her, he has something even better: his cock that will surely bring Luna Lavey much pleasure.

Her artistic makeup and black cloak make her look dark and mysterious, but underneath she hides a naughty surprise: stripping down only to her corset that makes her already pronounced tits and ass pop even more. Her pierced nipples and cool ink add to the awesome visual. Luna Lavey goes from a thrill-seeking explorer to a horny sexy elf within seconds as she sucks, fucks, and rides her way to pleasure. Make sure you’re there every step of the way with this steamy hot ‘n’ nerdy video and photo set bundle.

Burning Angel writes:

Luna Lavey and Owen Gray take their love of live action roleplay and cosplay to the next level by living out a little Skyrim fantasy. Luna, an Altmer from Summerset Isle embarks on a journey through Skyrim collecting only the finest herbs and stops by Owen’s apothecary to make a trade! Only, he’s not enough coin for her flowers and must offer something suitable to trade instead – like his very rare orgasms! You won’t find a better one in all of Skyrim – and Luna is delighted by the goods offered. The creative sex process producing cum will fill her for days with the energy to complete her travels!

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