BurningAngel: Ivy Wolfe’s Lusty Bedlam


It’s never easy to handle a person suffering from mental problems, but it’s even worse when we are talking of a teen goth obsessed with sex! On one hand, we feel sympathetic with Owen Gray, it must be such a hard time having to cope with a sexy nympho drooling over at the desire of a stiff cock. On the other… you lucky son… I wouldn’t have lasted that long before going unprofessional! After all, if it helps her taking her medicines… a man does what it takes for the good of the patient, right?

Ivy Wolfe is a beautiful doll-faced goth, with small perky tits and lips that shouldn’t need to ask for dick twice. I truly love the face makeup, it kinda emphasize the crazy-loon effect. Goth straight-jacket gets quickly taken apart, leaving her in fishnet stockings and high-heeled boots. But apart from her looks, it’s hard not to praise the talent in putting up the lunacy act. She is quite convincing! Maybe she is not acting after all?

Burning Angel writes:

Goth teen nympho Ivy Wolfe went crazy for cock and balls and landed herself in the sexy insane asylum!

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