Pure Taboo: Skeletons in the Closet


Certainties are what give us a sense of safety. A few, solid pillars in our life that we give for granted and upon which gravitates all the rest. We know that these certainties are delusional, and yet we grasp to them fiercely. When they are stripped from us, our reaction is always extreme: of rage, terror, disgust and even arousal.

One of such certainties is that hospitals are safe places, places where you go to be cured, to be better. When we are there, we are at our lowest, the weakest we can be before being in a coffin, and we yield our total trust to the personnel there, sometimes even our own lives.

PureTaboo has a history of kicking such certainties out of the window. When it does so, our masks are stripped, our delusions revealed and we are faced with our fears.

In this video, marvellous (I wish I could use three l’s just to emphasize) Arya Fae has suffered an accident and is in a hospital bed. She is visited by a Doctor (Donnie Rock) who just can’t resist and takes advantage of his position to abuse her.

Now, rationally our thought is of course: “The Bastard!”, and there is no doubt such an incident would come to light there would be an outrage and heads would roll, and with good reason: as we said, you need to feel safe in a hospital. Moreover, we know the story is not, unfortunately, too far fetched. While luckily rare, we can’t say there are only angels in scrubs.

And yet, can we honestly say there is no voice deep inside us that has whispered: “The Lucky Bastard!”? Are we not even a bit aroused by the idea of having a chick as hot as Arya in our total power? It is exactly this ability to bring us to face off our darker sides that makes me love this website.

PureTaboo writes:

DOCTOR’S ORIGINS: Perverted Doctor gives teen patient a sponge bath and a vaginal probe

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