Sex Toys Unboxing: Exotic Erotics Yacuruna


Exotic Erotics (since 2009) is a privately owned business that specializes in fantasy themed body safe adult novelties. Their store has everything from custom anthro horses to hand sculpted werewolf dildos. They also make 3d printed toys (see their elephant trunk), and amazing quality lifecasts! Lifecasts are realistic detailed toys molded after living subjects. These subjects include a human, an equine, and even emu eggs.

Now I’d like to introduce you to the newest model of platinum cured silicone dildos from Exotic Erotics, Yacuruna! Yacuruna is an anthropomorphic dildo of the character the amphibian man from The Shape of Water movie. My custom Yacuruna came in deluxe surprise colors and features metallic accents in it’s ridged base. It also has a large super strong suction cup. This hunky medium sized toy stands at 8 inches tall and is covered in raised textured scales. It’s phallic in shape with a thick and girthy, yet flexible shaft that tapers down towards a wide stable base.

Hey! Here I’m going to show you a new body safe anthro dildo in all of it’s amphibic glory. Meet Yacuruna! Made custom at ⬅💙

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