Sex Toys Unboxing: Primal Hardwere Fathom


Primal Hardwere is my go to company for the most unusual and amazing high quality sex toys. Introducing Fathom! This hefty hunk of twenty six and a half inches of body safe silicone was inspired by the furry animation ‘Turin and the Water Tentacle’ by Taurin Fox. It comes with an optional lube tube which allows it to squirt! This toy comes in Primal Hardwere’s signature pink to blue transition. You can also chose customized colors including metallic & glow in the dark additives.

I received Fathom in the signature pink and blue colors, but a bit brighter (it also has the lube tube). Fathom has twenty and a half inches of useable length. It’s texture is silky smooth and it has a rounded tip for easy and comfortable insertion. This toy is super fun and has a wonderfully life like jiggly movement to it. Primal Hardwere offers top notch body safe fantasy toys including their ovipositors (insertable toy that deposits ice or gelatin eggs). They also have wereables, inflatable dildos and gags, penetrables, pup masks, body harnesses and so much more. Be sure to go have a look through their wonderful store today! ☆ Wanna see a 26.5 inch squirting tentacle dildo? ♡ Check out my ovipositor review too!

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