PureTaboo: Elsa Jean Learns Her Lesson The Dirty Way


In this PureTaboo scene, Elsa Jean is sentenced to community service after vandalizing people’s properties, and she is to carry it out by cleaning the houses she sprayed and tagged. She does her best to remove the paint she sprayed on the walls, to the point where she is sweating and has to take off her top to prevent heatstroke, but the paint just won’t come off.

Now exhausted and fed up, she decides to sneak out of the house, but before she can leave, the owners Reena Sky and Ryan Driller catch her, so she offers them an alternative about how she can right her wrongs. Little does she know that the couple does have an interesting way to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.

Before she knows it, Elsa Jean is letting them use her as their own fuckdoll, obediently doing everything they ask, which goes from sucking cock to taking turns riding it while she is marked with a “slut” title on her forehead, and the legend “fuck me” above her tight pussy.

Elsa continues taking her punishment, which also makes her unable to cum, no matter how good she’s feeling, and with this, she feels how her shyness melts away little by little, until she is begging to be used so she can have a load of warm cum to taste.

After they do all they want with Elsa Jean, the couple allows her to leave their house, but order her not to remove the “slut” marking, so she leaves having learned her lesson and with hot jizz all over her pretty face.

PureTaboo :

After getting arrested for tagging, delinquent teen Cindy Watergate (Elsa Jean) is sentenced to probation and one month in a community service program. Part of her required community service is to go back to the private residences she vandalized and clean up the mess she made. One of the houses belongs to rich business woman Meera Gold (Reena Sky) and her stay-at-home trophy husband John Gold (Ryan Driller). Following Meera’s lead, the couple decide to take advantage of the teen and teach her a real lesson in fucking with other people’s property.

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