Sex Toys Unboxing: Primal Hardwere Squick


Have you ever heard of an Ovipositor before? An ovipositor is a silicone sex toy that deposits eggs made of gelatin (or ice!) into your orifice of choice. This gives the user a pleasing full feeling and a slick release when expelling the eggs. Now you can live out your alien impregnation fantasies with this hand made monster dildo! Primal Hardwere is the maker of these body safe fantasy toys and more. They also have gags, penetrables, body harnesses, tonguetacles, lubes, pup masks and even wereables!

Squick is their smallest model of ovipositor standing at 5 ¾ inches tall. Of course there are much larger models of ovipositors available. Squick uses 1 1/8 inch eggs that you make yourself with Primal Hardwere’s convenient egg molds. My squick came in medium firm and is custom colored including metallic added to it’s neon base and glow in the dark spikes and shaft. The shaft is flexible yet durable and the glow is very bright!

Ever heard of Ovipositors? You gotta check out this review/unboxing of Primal Hardwere’s ovipositor, Squick! Please go to ➡PRIMALHARDWERE.COM⬅ for more info!

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