Xandria_666 Melts An Ice Cube With Her Hotness


Xandria_666 was holding an ice cube in between her fingers, and as it glided over her body, you could see a tiny, glistening stream that formed where it had been and then disappeared as the ice cube melted against the warmth of her skin.

Her face was one of pure pleasure as she enjoyed the cold caress of the ice cube, and her hand kept diligently experimenting with the feeling on different parts of her body, and as Xandria_666 did this, you could see how her hand started guiding the cube over her breasts discovering the arousing power of the cold sensation and letting her nipples get hard as diamonds before she took what remained of the cube and started sliding it down to her pussy, caressing it and rubbing it to maximize the pleasure she could get from the ice before it melted completely.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Purple-haired girl with spiky piercings and dope mind. I love caming and having fun online, making new friends and meeting exciting guys. I like to chat and talk, entertain, play and learn new things.

I’m into BDSM fetish. I like to switch from strict mean Mistress to obedient slave. I have many fetishes as Dom as well as sub.

I’m crazy about makeup and piercings. I’ve created my own style as combo of different ones (such as gothic, cyber, punk, jrock) and it’s the way I express myself.

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